We’re Back!

Our two-year hiatus is over — find out what’s ahead for the Green Student and learn how you can be part of our growing community of student writers. 

Last year was a pivotal year for the environment, marking change and action for the environmental movement through the Paris Agreement at COP21, the end of the Keystone XL pipeline, Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and the 42nd Canadian Federal Election.

While it was a year to celebrate, it was also a year that raised environmental concerns. NASA concluded that it was the hottest year on record, with human influence and activity as the main driver for global rising temperatures. In March 2015, the average monthly global carbon dioxide concentrations surpassed 400ppm, 50ppm higher than the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is considered “safe.” These challenges will pressure countries to act quickly to cut carbon emissions and find alternative resources to satisfy current consumption trends.

The upcoming years will test and challenge the environmental victories of 2015. It’s time to start cultivating voices, creating conversations and empowering youth to speak up for the environment. We are the future leaders, decision-makers and problem solvers for the next generation. The world’s biggest environmental challenges will be placed on our shoulders and we need to be informed.

Five years ago, the Green Student was created with the intent of providing environment students a forum to share their writing, campaigns and events. As environmental challenges become more prominent, we’ve revitalized the Green Student to extend opportunities and platforms to engage and empower students. Through the Green Student, we will continue to encourage student action and involvement, using student writing to share new environmental research, campaigns, events, and ways to connect with communities. We will further conversations by providing the resources such as news about campaigns and community events to motivate students to act.

With the continued support of Alternatives Journal, Canada’s national environmental magazine, the Green Student is going bigger and extending our reach, getting various perspectives of the environment from all students. Environment is a multi-faceted issue, and students from all over the world in every academic discipline need to be part of the conversation.

As we settle in to our old home, we’re looking for new writers and volunteers! We’re inviting proposals on any topic related to the environment. If you would like to contribute to the Green Student, we are accepting submissions, for short, well-researched and thought-provoking content for our website. This includes (but is not exclusive to), reports, reviews, short essays, interviews, news coverage and analysis, photos, and illustration. You can propose ideas by filling out our submission form here. If you’re interested but aren’t sure what to write about, feel free to send us an email with your interests and we’ll be happy to help you narrow down a potential topic.

Editor at The Green Student

Eunize Lao is the current editor of the Green Student. She is a third-year Environment and Business Student at the University of Waterloo and recently completed her co-op term at Alternatives Journal as the Editorial Intern.