Petitions and Campaigns

Signing a petition or taking a few minutes to learn about a campaign can be an important step in getting policies passed, while educating yourself about the latest environmental issues.

Here are some examples to get you rolling… click the title to read more about the campaign.

1. WWF – Choose Responsibly Farmed Seafood

Raw Material Fish
Raw Material Fish Image courtesy of markuso at

Sign the pledge to buy only buy responsibly farmed seafood here!





2. WWF – Keep Oil Exploration Out of Virunga National Park

Sign to keep British oil company, Soco International PLC, from exploiting this national park in Democratic Republic of Congo here!

3. WWF – Sign on to Stop Wildlife Crime

Sign the pledge to take a stand to stop wildlife crimes here!

4. WWF – Help Protect Maui’s Dolphins

Urge New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, to take steps to save Maui’s last dolphins here!

5. Environmental Defence’s Just Beautiful Campaign

  1. Visit the Just Beautiful campaign’s website, here
  2. Educate yourself: Click here for more resources, including the toxic 10, a list of companies that have pledged to use safe ingredients and a list of their products
  3. Sign the petition: tell the Minister of Health to ban the toxic 10 and modernize Canadian cosmetics regulations

6. Lighten Up Ontario – Have your say on Ontario’s Energy FutureLightBulbFBSquare-1

Tell the government that you want to lighten Ontario’s energy load here

7.Friends of the Earth’s Make It Better Campaign

1. Sign the petition to urge Apple to come clean about mining for tin on the island of Banka in Indonesia
2. Learn more about “Make It Better” here


8. Help Keep Thousands of Marine Mammals Out of Fishing Nets

Help the NRDC keep marine mammals safe from fishing nets here!