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The Green Student is currently looking for student writers to join our growing community of contributors. We are accepting submissions for short (500-800 words), well-researched and thought-provoking  for our website. This includes (but is not exclusive to), reports, reviews, short essays, interviews, news coverage and analysis, profiles of environmental leaders, how-to articles, photos, illustration and graphics.

Content that is submitted can be in relation to any environmental topic that is relevant to a primarily Canadian university student audience. The writing style can and should be more relaxed than an academic journal article and research should be conducted to ensure the credibility of your piece.  You are free to voice your opinions, but it should be supported by facts and should consider other sides of the issue.

Check out our guide for contributors here. For additional tips, download Alternatives Journal’s blogging guide. Take a look through Treehugger, the Ecologist,  The Mark and Alternatives Journal for some good examples of the writing style we’re looking for.

Articles written for the Green Student may be considered for publication on the Alternatives Journal’s main website.

Interested and have an idea for a story?  Fill in our submission form below: 

Interested but have no idea what to write about?  Get in touch with us with your interests and we can brainstorm potential topics.

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