Scope of Environmental Studies at University of Victoria

Knowledge about the environment and information on preserving it is of utmost importance to the humans on the face of global warming and climate change. The need to know about how nature works and its intricacies has led to the development of specialized courses being offered by various universities in Canada.

Environmental Studies at University of VictoriaThe courses on environmental studies are available to both undergrads and graduates. Today we will provide complete information about studying Environmental Studies at University of Victoria, B.C. It is one of the most prestigious universities all over the world attracting 21,000 students and the School of Environmental Studies is quite popular among the students. Every year a lot of people are coming to the famous Canadian Universities, visit Canadian sights and also attend popular Canadian gambling establishments. There are many benefits for Canadian game-lovers because now it is rather easy to entertain yourself dropping into ValleyGames listing website, offering a wide variety of online casino. This will give you opportunity to rest a little before studying hard.

The Earth and Ocean Sciences faculty of the university are also quite reputed. It also takes part in various collaborative research programs with agencies like the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions and the Canadian Consortium of Oceans Research Universities.

What Makes Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria Special?

Apart from being the oldest university of B.C, it is also quite a big public research institution. The environmental studies course is developed based on thorough research and the curriculum also is research dependent. Here is a look at what will work for you if you decide to go for environmental studies at the University of Victoria.

  • The location of the university also plays a large part in providing dynamic experiential learning opportunities to the students situated in the leafy suburbs right around the Pacific Rim.
  • Students get to put their knowledge into action working on the rich environment around the campus.
  • The course teaches students to create pragmatic and innovative solutions to address environmental issues. A plethora of field courses cover the entire curriculum where the students work with local communities and land and water bodies all over Canada. There are various programs offered by the fields school which focus on the conservation and restoration of geographical areas and wildlife.
  • The university gives a chance to the students to engage in meaningful research in collaboration with other reputed institutions like NGOs, government departments, First Nations and so on.
  • Students also get a better understanding of nature through hands-on learning taking part in various projects.

What Makes Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria Special?

The Other Aspects

Another special specialization called Restoration of Natural Systems is available with B.A, BSc and M.A and MSc degrees. The stream teaches the students about Ecological Restoration stressing the importance of both biophysical and social dimensions. The specialization can also be taken as a separate credit and non-credit certificate course.

The School of Environmental Studies at Victoria University crosses the restrictions of traditional courses and sets itself as a practical solution that can be applied to save and conserve the nature. It gives the students a holistic understanding of the challenges faced by earth and its people and enables them to come up with practical solutions.

Students of Victoria University’s Environmental Studies are known to bring change and create positive impact on communities through their projects.