University of Toronto: studying envirology

With 60000+ students and 180 acres of the campus, University of Toronto is considered among the top notch universities of the world. The state of the art education in every field is what this university is after. With campuses all over Canada, the University aims to deliver quality education. The University of Toronto is affiliated with Canadian University Press and International Association of Universities. Like other subjects, this university also aims to deliver class education in the field of environment. The department in this regard is known as School of the Environment. With various events that are held all over Canada, this department is taking an active part in making sure that natural resources are preserved all over Canada.

Environmental studies programs

Environmental studies programsThere are 3 campuses of the University of Toronto in total. All three campuses have dedicated departments to make sure that degree programs are offered. B.A. program in Environmental Studies and B.Sc. in Environmental Studies are offered. Distant learning programs are also offered so that those who cannot attend regular classes are benefited. Another important part of the department is that the collaborative studies are offered in this regard. From human biology to physics every department ensures that students never get bored. Environmental studies and its overall impact on society are also offered. The good thing is that the Carbon Finance is a degree which has recently been introduced. It ensures that the best environmental studies are not embedded in everyday life but it also helps once the program has been completed.

Events held by the department

There are many events, seminars, and workshops which are held by the department. All these events make sure that the best tactics are practiced to preserve the environment.  Some important events in this regard are listed as under. These events are organized in collaboration with other departments so that all learning curves are covered properly:

Planet Day

Planet Day  in Toronto

Every Year University of Toronto School of the Environment observes this day in collaboration with physics department. On this special day the overall aspect of the climate change, its effects and overall methods to take care of the situation are discussed. The students of the physics department also take an active part in this collaboration. The effects of the hazards to the environment and their physical outcome are presented. This event not only fosters intradepartmental harmony but ensures that the best outcome is generated in relation to environmental studies.

High Park Invasive species removal

High Park Invasive species removal

In collaboration with Canadian Environmental Network, the University of Toronto takes an active part in the mentioned event. The students from the department learn the growth of native plants and their effect on the environment. The ecological effects are also monitored over course of time so that measures could be taken to avoid any environmental hazard. The best part of this event is that the locals also join in to get the work done. The tools are provided by the organization and the students of the department teach the techniques. Another aim of this program is to ensure that the wildlife is preserved and this is done through weeding.